Community Planning

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Manages the County’s comprehensive planning process
  • Performs considerable community outreach to ensure meaningful public participation and engagement in all projects, plans, and studies
  • Prepares plans and studies used to guide future growth and physical development in the County
  • Collaborates with various local, state, federal, and County agencies in implementing Plan 2035 General Plan-Blueprint for Tomorrow and area master and sector plans
  • Monitors development activity within the entire County
  • Reviews development proposals for consistency with Plan 2035 General Plan-Blueprint for Tomorrow, and area master and sector plans
  • Acts as a liaison with local groups and organizations


The Administration of the Community Planning Division aids each of the sections by managing staff and workflow, facilitating project completion, adhering to legislative calendars, maintaining project files and records, producing cartographic materials, and ensuring timely development project review.

Neighborhood Revitalization Section 

The Neighborhood Revitalization Section provides planning assistance to municipalities, communities, partner agencies, and other stakeholders to implement the recommendations of Plan 2035 General Plan-Blueprint for Tomorrow, and area master and sector plans. This critical implementation work includes focused planning studies, urban design services, interagency coordination, stakeholder facilitation, technical planning assistance, grant assistance, and community and municipal capacity-building.

Long-Range Planning Section

The Long-Range Planning Section works closely with communities, property owners, municipalities, businesses, and institutional partners to implement Plan 2035 General Plan-Blueprint for Tomorrow, prepare comprehensive area master or sector plans and to assist in the development of functional master plans. This more traditional planning and zoning work include the creation or refinement of master plans and comprehensive rezoning for a wide variety of locations, from large rural areas of the County to specific Purple Line Light Rail stations or WMATA Metro stations.