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Learning Center Classes

classThe Learning Center at the Prince George's Sports & Learning Complex offers terrific educational opportunities for people of all ages. Some of the classes frequently offered include the following:

  • MS PowerPoint 2007 - Beginning and Advanced
  • MS Excel 2007 - Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced
  • MS Word 2007 - Beginning, Advanced
  • Computer Skills: Maintenance, Level 1
  • Computer Skills: Network Security
  • Computer Skills: Video Game Design
  • Lego Workshop: Beginning
  • Lego Workshop: Advanced
  • Computer Skills for Seniors - Levels 1 and 2
  • Internet Skills for Adults
  • Internet Skills for Seniors
  • Math Skills: Children
  • Money Management: Teens
  • Reading Skills for Children
  • SAT Preparation: Math
  • Algebra Workshop
  • Voice Lessons for Seniors
  • Voice Lessons: Mixed Ages
  • Writing: Family History
  • Writing: Book Creation
  • Investing Basics
To keep up-to-date about all classes offered at the Learning Center, as well as other venues at the Prince George’s Sports & Learning Complex, visit